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Knoxville, Tennessee

We are a small horse farm in Knoxville, TN, offering horses for lease, sale, riding, and we feature Mangalarga Marchadors, the national horse of Brazil. Contact us at mark.waugh@att.net and lorriebeevers@att.net

Linda Tellington-Jones states "one of the great gifts to the horse world is to have the Mangalarga Marchador horse breed introduced at this time for pleasure riders who want an athletic, exotic, magical, yet sensibly personable equine companion. They ride as smooth as a Porsche. With their romantic Iberian heritage, there is no comparison among gaited breeds. This breed is very intelligent and truly a pleasure and joy for all to take part in." (in The Official Horse Breed Standards Guide, by F. Lynghaug.

We have relationships with expert trainers:

Lazy Bar C Ranch [Steve Campbell] http://lazybarcranch.weebly.com/ in West Knox County; 
Bluepoint Stables [Brandy McDonnell] www.bluepointstables.com in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Remember, Children Always Welcome!!

Above top: Farol do Lucero under saddle; Farol and Sunset, the pony, and riders enjoy a warm summer day on the ranch. Below: baby Cashmere, or resident llama-alpaca mix. Ruby with new foal, 1 day old.
Echo do Lucero and Mark
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